Does your vessel carry life jackets?
Yes, we are required by law to have enough life vests for every passenger and crew member. We carry 375 life vests throughout the vessel. We have both adult and children sizes. We also carry 9 floatation devices on top of the vessel. We also have E-Pirb emergency position locating device in case of emergency.

What about inclement weather?
Should there be bad weather or seas it is up to the Captain’s discretion whether or not to reschedule the cruise or refund your deposit.

Are we allowed to supply our own liquor?
No, absolutely not! We have a liquor license as required by law. No client or guest is permitted to carry on beverages of any kind.

What if someone gets sick/injured?
Although the Sheryll Princess is a heavy steel and very stable vessel, some people are prone to motion sickness even in airplanes and cars. We suggest that those who are concerned seek advice from their doctor or local pharmacist about motion sickness medication.
In the event of serious health issues or injury, the U.S.C.G. and local emergency personnel will be notified. Those requiring medical assistance will be either attended to and/or removed from the vessel by emergency personnel.

What are the maximum people allowed on the boat?
We are allowed by law up to 350 passengers. We will not contract more than 300 passengers as the limit includes the crew and security.

Where does the boat leave from?
We are based in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn but we are able to pick-up in various locations in NY City, and ports in LI, and NJ.
Click here for Ports of Call or phone us for exact locations and rates.

What security measures are taken on the vessel?
We are a part of the Passenger Vessel Association (P.V.A.), which works in conjunction with the U.S.C.G. for the safety and security of large vessels in and around NY Harbor.

How many restrooms does the vessel have?
2 ladies’ and 2 men’s rooms located on the lower level.

Can we supply our own food?
Sheryll Princess prefers to do its own catering. In the event we cannot due to religion or ethnic customs, special catering arrangements can be made.


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